What your plants are trying to tell you.

It’s been a long hot summer and the plants on my front steps are in terrible shape. They were doing great up until a few weeks ago when my schedule went from busy to too busy. Now they’re starting to wilt. Turns out the plants are a pretty good barometer of how things are going in my personal life. When the plants aren’t healthy it’s a good indication that it’s time to slow down and refocus .

Caring for plants is a lot like caring for people. You can’t just show up when its convenient, and hope that’s enough. Consistency is key and as deceptively simple as it might seem letting the small stuff slide is when the trouble starts. I have a tendency to narrow my focus and forget about the “small stuff” when I’m busy. Fortunately the plants are like the canary in the coal mine. They throw off warning signs when they are in trouble (just like your body) subtle at first but stronger as the need becomes more urgent . Too often we ignore the early warning signals until we find ourselves stressed out, sick or in crisis mode. The longer we wait the more effort it takes to revive and nurse ourselves back to health. Repeat the process often enough and eventually you’ll reach a break down point.

It’s much easier to maintain fitness than it is to suffer through the stress and recovery cycle. So why do we ignore what’s most important? Our health, relationships and mental well being? Maybe, it’s time we refocus our efforts and understand that self care and maintenance are every bit as important as hitting that next deadline or clocking in those extra hours. Maybe it’s time we pay attention to what the plants are trying to tell us.

How are the plants on your front porch? Are they getting the consistent attention they deserve or are they trapped in stress and recovery mode?